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              Hello Welcome you to enter KEITO CUTTING TOOLS(QINGDAO)CO.,LTD. 中文 | English | 日本語



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              Keito CuttingTools Co., Ltd. in Qingdao, was established in January 2015 as the joint venture between Japan and China. The registered capital is 2 million dollars and it sells mainly the precision cutting tools and its related products. The Japanese side company of the joint venture has the actual results for 25 years and their technical know-how is being handed down to the joint venture in China. We will make an effort in the research and development every day to contribute to the profit of the customers with our good quality of products and reasonable price.
              Company Name:KEITO CUTTING TOOLS(QINGDAO)CO.,LTD.
              Address:C Zone No.50 XinYe Road,Qingdao National High-tech Industrial Development Zone,China
              Date of establishment:January 22, 2015
              Legal representative:Yoshikazu Matsunaka
              Registered capital:$ 2,000,000

              The company strengths

              standard insert tip, holder basics and can produce every special shape, too.
              I solve the life of a tool and the holder, various problems.

              Business content

              Standard insert tip
              Standard tip holder
              Grounded the special shape tool (insert tips)
              •Special insert tip (take shape,groove,screwdriver and so on)Design and production
              •Special insert tip holder  Design and production
              •PCD,CBN Design and production
              •Drill bit, Milling cutter,Reamer  Design and production